The diamond is a remarkable and valuable gemstone that was discovered in the country of India back in 500 BC. Its name derives from the Greek word known as ‘Adamas’ meaning ‘indestructible’ or ‘unbreakable’ and it is also the birthstone for the month of April. At this time, the diamond is considered to be the toughest substance in the world. It is a natural product mainly composed of various rearranged carbon atoms. This rare gemstone contains beautiful features such as an incredibly rigid lattice and superior symmetry. Diamonds have long become the symbol of eternal love since ancient times in Greece.

Diamonds come in many different colors, shapes, sizes and symmetrical make ups. Different shades of diamonds include, blue, red, white, yellow and brown. The purest of diamonds are usually clear or transparent and are generally colorless. More clearer and colorless diamonds tend to be the most valuable and are generally worth more than colorful diamonds. Diamonds with color inside of them are a sign that impurities have penetrated the crystal and have become colored as a result.

A diamond’s creation takes place during extreme exposure and pressure of carbon containing materials. The shape and size of the diamond is also greatly determined by the temperature at the time of its process. Depending on the pressure and temperature that a forming diamond endures also effects the overall crystallization of it as well. The depths of a diamond’s crystallization is usually no more than 200 km but on rare occasions, they can go to as high as 300 km in depth.

In more modern times, diamonds have been used in order to process high grade jewelry such as necklaces and rings. Studded bracelets and earrings are also two types of jewelry that uses different cuts of diamonds as well. When looking for a specific piece of diamond jewelry, you should take in to account the characteristics of each diamond. For example, certain types of diamonds may be better suited for engagement rings than in necklaces. It is very important for one to know as much as possible about the weight, color and cut of a diamond before making a purchase.